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How to take care fo your feet.

How to Take Care of Your Feet – The Right Shoes

How to Take Care of Your Feet Feet are the unsung heroes of the body.  By age 50, the

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Benefits of Dark Chocolate – The Bittersweet Treat

To me, it’s welcome news when you can squeeze “dessert” & “hea

What is fast fashion vs sustainable clothing

What is Fast Fashion? Moving to Sustainable Fashion

    If you’re pressed for time… Fast Fashion started in the 90

Best Clean Shampoos

Best Clean Shampoos – For Hair, Health & Environment

  We’ve all become pretty adroit at reading food labels. No longer sucked in by

Origins of Common Idioms – Classic Common Sayings

At one time or another, we’ve all uttered these common expressions. After lookin

What is clean beauty?

What is Clean beauty? – Healthiest Skin Products for Men & Women

What is Clean Beauty? Since most of us apply soap, lotion and deodorant to our skin as