So we…

Graduated college, launched careers, dated, dated so more, good dates, bad dates, break ups… found the one!

Moved in together, got married, first home in the burbs, trips to Home Depot, 2nd Jobs, margarita parties with friends, ski vacations, weekends at the beach…Pregnant!?

New jobs, moved to another state, new baby proofed home, diapers, lawn mowers, best pre-schools supplanted discussions of best ski spots,  late nights now 11pm, bundle of joy #2 on the way… Mini Van 🙁

Karate, Little League baseball, football, soccer, ice hockey, return of ski vacations! Christmas play, bake sales, working the school fair, piano lessons, guitar lessons…SUV 🙂

2nd careers, multi-family vacations, best high schools, HS sports, new drivers lic, fender bender, next fender bender, dating, Prom, SAT prep, college tours, college costs what!? He’s off to college… Graduated college

Old Ferris hit the nail on the head: “life moves pretty fast….”

The wonderful mash up of raising the kids, careers, connections with friends old & new; it’s all moved at a dizzying pace. As proud parents, we wouldn’t change a thing (Well, could have done without the mini van)! That said, looking ahead, a little quality “US” time might be in order. How can we maximize this next phase of our lives?

Bev & I launched Jaunty as a way of personally exploring what would bring us joy and fulfillment for this next chapter. As the kids are well on their way to independence, it’s time for us to once again study the art of adult couples fun, part II!

Jauntylife.com is a lifestyle Site, dedicated to 45+  individuals & couples.  Jaunty’s blog offers lighthearted, yet informative articles, interviews & reviews of curated products, services & experiences. Jaunty topics &  products will be best in class offerings & tend to skew towards the holistic, healthy, organic and environmentally conscious side of life, emphasizing vitality, enthusiasm & fun. Explore our “Time Well Spent” sections for hobbies & Pastimes. Check out Places to see for travel ideas in the US and abroad &  explore curated products & services in “Treat Yourself”

We welcome your input as this is a shared journey. As our blog evolves, let us know what’s important to you.

-john & Bev


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