How to group FaceTime on iPhone
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How to Group FaceTime – Virtual Socializing!


One of the few benefits of the forced isolation we find ourselves in, is a renewed appreciation of  how important friends and family are to our happiness and well being. Taking advantage of Group FaceTime is a simple and entertaining way to stay connected to the people that matter. We’re social animals and “getting together” directly influences your health and happiness!

A quick check in, virtual happy hour, book club, reunions with old friends and many more digital social moments can fill the current social void!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting lots of suggestions for home entertaining and remotely socializing, so check back often!

Today we get you up to speed on how to use Group FaceTime. We’ll have you up and running in under 10 minutes!

By Jaunty Staff

How to Group FaceTime

First, You’ll need:

  • An iphone, iPad or Apple laptop/computer
  • IOS (operating system) 12.1.4 or higher for iPhone or iPad
  • To recruit your friends & family. You can facetime with up the 32 people at a time!

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How to Group FaceTime on iPhone



From the Facetime App

Locating FaceTime icon

  • First, go to settings on your phone and make sure Facetime is on
  • Next, open Facetime and tap the plus button, in the top right corner
  • Then add or type the name of your contacts, phone numbers or emails
  • Finally, to start your Facetime call, tap audio or video

Launching contacts on iPhone



From the Messages App

How to enable FaceTime through messaging

  • Open up messages. Setup a group list  or go to an existing group list
  • Tap the contacts list at the top of the group chat
  • Tap Facetime to start your call
  • Each member of the contact list will be alerted to the call



Someone Group FaceTime you?

There’s 3 ways to Join a call:

  • Tap on the notification you receive, then tap on the Facetime app
  • From your messages screen, tap on the notification or tap on “Join” from the chat window
  • From the Facetime App, go to the active call and tap the Facetime icon



Adding digital effects – Go Nuts!

Have fun with camera effects

Once you’ve started your Group Facetime, you can add several digital effects to your chat.

For older phones, like mine (iPhone 8) you can swipe from the bottom of your screen or tap the screen to bring the effect menu up. There, you ‘ll find lots of digital toys, like emojis, stickers, drawing tools and filters to add to the fun.

If you’re a badass and have an iPhone X and up, you have an even greater arsenal of digital effects, including animojis.


More info on Group FaceTime

Here’s a few links below, if you ‘d like more detailed info on how to use Group FaceTime.

From Apple’s support website –  FaceTime directions


An Apple video on how to use Facetime –


So, round up a few friends & family and get to virtual socializing!


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Looking for another fun distraction…Check out our Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps article