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Online Games for Multiple Players – Socialize Remotely with Classic Board Games


If you haven’t already, playing online games for multiple players is another great way to encourage fun through remote social interaction. From 2 to 4 players or more, you can have virtual games from anywhere and with anyone. The games we discuss today are designed for your smartphone or tablet.

Plus, most of the games we’re recommending today are free or really inexpensive (usually a few bucks).  So, take a look at some of the classic games we’ve recommended below.

As with all games, if you become addicted, the company will offer upgrades for more options or to ditch the advertisements. The fee is usually nominal if you want to get to the next level.

Finally, if you don’t see one here that trips your trigger, it’s not a problem. These are just a few popular suggestions. There are thousands more to choose from on Apple’s App store or The Google Play store. Most games also have both smart phone and tablet versions.

Search for Multi player games. Or, search specifically for one of your favorite board games… it’s probably out there!


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Best Multiplayer Games for iPhone


Game Pigeon for iPhone  – Several multiplayer games!

Best multiplayer games for iPhone

86K 4.0 Star Ratings

Game Pigeon is a free app that includes multiple classic games. It’s designed to work directly through your iMessage text app. I play with a friend from Germany and it works great!

  • Download Game Pigeon from the app store
  • Choose a friend to play
  • Open the game from your effects window
  • Pick one of many different games
  • Hit send
  • When your friend receives the text with the game, a link is included so they can also get Game Pigeon



Words with Friends 2 – Most popular word game

Everybody loves words with friends

446K 4.7 star ratings

Zynga’s Words with Friends is an absolute juggernaut in the game world. People love this game! My better half plays often, and usually has 2 or 3 games going simultaneously.

  • A word game,similar to scrabble
  • Play when you have time. Games can take an hour or a month. It’s up to the players.
  • Your alerted when your turn comes up
  • Great vocabulary booster!



Golf Battle  By Mini Clip – Great online game for multiple players

Golf Battle - best multiplayer game online

179K 4.7 star ratings

  • MultiPlayer Miniature Golf
  • perfect online game for multiple players
  • Play live 1 on 1 or with up to 6 Facebook Friends (through Facebook login)
  • You can also compete with thousands of challengers, world wide



Backgammon +   – By Adikus  -Classic online game for two players

Backgammon - online games for two players

28K 4.3 star ratings

  • Play against the machine, random opponents online or setup a private room with a friend
  • Best multiplayer games for ipad 210/10



Best Multiplayer games for iPad



UNO! By Mattel

UNO - online games for multiple players

117K Star Ratings

  • Everyone has played UNO at one point or another
  • You can play classic UNO or add tons of popular house rules
  • Connect with friends, compete in tournaments or team up with 2 on 2 mode



Four in a row -Classic  – By OutoftheBit limited

Four in a Row classic, online

62K 4.6 Star ratings

  • Yep… 4 in a row to win
  • It’s more challenging than you’d think!



Yahtzee By Hasbro

Yahtzee! Online games for multiple players

142K 4.5 Star Ratings

  • Classic dice game
  • Play against a buddy, with family or enter a tourney



Chess  By

145K 4.8 Star Ratings

  • Play Chess with friends or tournaments
  • Learn how to play with interactive lessons, tips & videos
  • Solve tactics puzzles to boost your game IQ


Online games for multiple players are a great social distraction, allowing you to bring friends and family together. we suggested games that are more familiar to our audience, however, there are virtually thousands of games to choose from. Download a few today and challenge someone today!

Check out the shop page for more inspiration…

Want to get up to speed on group FaceTime? Check out our article on another great way to socialize remotely!