how to cut the cord on cable

How to Cut the Cord on Cable … A Break-up’s Long Overdue!

Pondering how to cut the cord on cable? Let’s be honest, no one actually likes their

DIY tool kits

Add DIY Tool Kits at Home; Tackle Little Nagging Repairs

2 Min Read -If you add DIY tool kits at home, the odds of completing those little, nag

Getting a Covid Test – Not a Big Deal, nor a Panacea

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Best weekend getaways - the beach

Best Fall Getaways – A safe(r) trip to the beach

5 Min READ – In the time of COVID, one of the best fall getaways is a trip to th

Indoor Herb Garden Kits – Too many herbs after 5 months?

Back in April Jaunty posted a story about the many options of indoor herb garden kits.

Tile Trackers – How to Find My Keys… or anything else

In our house, the conversation sometimes goes like this: “Hey, where are the car key

What is fast fashion vs sustainable clothing

What is Fast Fashion? Moving to Sustainable Fashion

    If you’re pressed for time… Fast Fashion started in the 90

Origins of Common Idioms – Classic Common Sayings

At one time or another, we’ve all uttered these common expressions. After lookin

Are you fact checking your social media information?

How to Spot Fake News – Dishonest Politicians & Social Media’s Role

Sketchy information from dishonest politicians, social media platforms & foreign c

How to use less plastic - A sea of plastic immersive art exhibition

How to Use Less Plastic? Simple Steps & Products to Cut Way Back

“Plastic came out of the earth. The earth probably sees plastic as just anothe

Tips for selling on Poshmark

Tips for Selling on Poshmark – A Side Hustle that Benefits the Planet!

Tips for Selling on Poshmark Last year my 23 year old niece introduced me to Poshmark.

Back to school with Masterclass

What is MasterClass – Unique, Entertaining Insight from the Experts!

    Drifting into week 3 of “shelter in place,” the fidgety fol