What is fast fashion vs sustainable clothing

What is Fast Fashion? Moving to Sustainable Fashion

    If you’re pressed for time… Fast Fashion started in the 90

Origins of Common Idioms – Classic Common Sayings

At one time or another, we’ve all uttered these common expressions. After lookin

Are you fact checking your social media information?

How to Spot Fake News – Dishonest Politicians & Social Media’s Role

Sketchy information from dishonest politicians, social media platforms & foreign c

How to use less plastic - A sea of plastic immersive art exhibition

How to Use Less Plastic? Simple Steps & Products to Cut Way Back

“Plastic came out of the earth. The earth probably sees plastic as just anothe

Tips for selling on Poshmark

Tips for Selling on Poshmark – A Side Hustle that Benefits the Planet!

Tips for Selling on Poshmark Last year my 23 year old niece introduced me to Poshmark.

Back to school with Masterclass

What is MasterClass – Unique, Entertaining Insight from the Experts!

    Drifting into week 3 of “shelter in place,” the fidgety fol

listening to podcasts

Best Podcasts 2020 – Adding to Jaunty’s 2019 list

  It’s Time to refresh our 2019 podcast list with a few addendums. Here are mor

Tips on how to meditate

Tips on How to Meditate

Week 5 of “shelter in place”…  Covid19 continues to take its toll. Unre

Indoor herb gardens

Herb Garden Kits Indoors – Invigorate your Culinary Game… Save Money!

Growing your own herb garden is an engaging distraction, that doesn’t require extens

Multiplayer games online

Online Games for Multiple Players – Socialize Remotely with Classic Board Games

If you haven’t already, playing online games for multiple players is another great w

How to group FaceTime on iPhone

How to Group FaceTime – Virtual Socializing!

One of the few benefits of the forced isolation we find ourselves in, is a renewed app

Are Jigsaw Puzzles good for your brain?

Are Jigsaw Puzzles Good for Your Brain? + Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps!

By Jaunty Staff   While I do love good TV, being housebound has me in search of m