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Best Podcasts 2020 – Adding to Jaunty’s 2019 list

  It’s Time to refresh our 2019 podcast list with a few addendums. Here are mor

Tips on how to meditate

Tips on How to Meditate

Week 5 of “shelter in place”…  Covid19 continues to take its toll. Unre

Indoor herb gardens

Herb Garden Kits Indoors – Invigorate your Culinary Game… Save Money!

Growing your own herb garden is an engaging distraction, that doesn’t require extens

Multiplayer games online

Online Games for Multiple Players – Socialize Remotely with Classic Board Games

If you haven’t already, playing online games for multiple players is another great w

How to group FaceTime on iPhone

How to Group FaceTime – Virtual Socializing!

One of the few benefits of the forced isolation we find ourselves in, is a renewed app

Are Jigsaw Puzzles good for your brain?

Are Jigsaw Puzzles Good for Your Brain? + Best Jigsaw Puzzle Apps!

By Jaunty Staff   While I do love good TV, being housebound has me in search of m

Grocery Delivery Services

Best Grocery Delivery Services – We look at 5 options

At Jaunty, we love the convenience of online grocery apps. We began researching the be

Old TV test pattern

Tv Show trackers – Apps Find & Track the Best Shows & Movies

  TV Show Tracker Apps By Jaunty Staff With the explosion of streaming services,

Pickleball participation is up!

What is Pickleball? And why do so many people love it!

Pickleball is a lesser known and underrated source of fun filled recreation. A year ba

Pet ownership health benefits... Cats and Dogs

The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership. Can Dogs & Cats contribute to your Well Being?

By – Sarah H, Freelance writer, Health & Wellness Humans have kept pets for

New to Podcasts?… They Deliver Inspiration, Creativity & Escapism!

All schools, all colleges, have two great functions: to confer, and to conceal valuabl

Holiday Party Hostess Gifts You Know They’ll Appreciate!

“Christmas Sweaters are only acceptable as a cry for help” – Andy B