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TV Show Tracker Apps

By Jaunty Staff

With the explosion of streaming services, there’s an insane variety of entertainment options to choose from… with far more on the horizon. Never a better time for Tv show tracker apps!

In general, we American’s have a persistent need to be entertained, and quality TV & Movie viewing has a prominent role as one of our favorite pastimes.


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The Coming Wave –

To help fulfill that need, Apple, Amazon, AT&T (DirectTv), Discovery/BBC, Disney, NBCUniversal, Warner Media have all launched (or will shortly) new streaming video services. Each of these media titans has an eye on the prize; a slice of the streaming services pie, which is estimated to top  $125 billion by 2025 .

Netflix and TV trackers

Gearing up for the onslaught, the original “big dog” on the block,  Netflix, released  371 original shows in 2019. That’s more than the ENTIRE TV Industry released in 2005!


Growing Pains –

If you enjoy Tv & original movies as we do, this seems like welcome news.  More is better…right?  Unfortunatley, rapid expansion often leads to growing pains.


Here’s Why –

Old time TV with Kennedy

Too Much of a Good Thing – Remember when you were a kid – Every year the “big 3” networks would introduce a handful of “primetime” shows. You’d pick your favorites, watched them each week, then suffer through a Summer of reruns! Today, hundreds & hundreds of new shows & movies premier all year long, across multiple cable & streaming services.

Keeping Track – It’s already a challenge tracking what shows we’ve watched, on which service, & when the next season starts… let alone what upcoming shows might be of interest.

Movie & Show Shuffle – In the coming months, new streaming services will begin to reclaim their library of movies and shows: Friends leaves Netflix for Warner Media. Pixar, Lucasfilms & Marvel movies go to Disney+.  NBC Universal reclaims Jaws, Back to the Future, Apollo 13… etc… Tracking down your favorites will take a few extra steps

More Mergers to come –  Not all the streaming services and shows will survive this gold rush, leading to mergers, cancellations, shows bought and sold between services, etc…. Disney+ is already rumored to be considering a streaming package involving Hulu & ESPN+

The cost – It’s not lost on us.  But, navigating the cost of your cable company, and so many streaming service options is too complicated to cover in this article. After talking to my cable provider and pricing out all the streaming services, it’s clear that soemthings going to have to give, sooner than later!  We’ll get an article together on pricing in about 6 months, once the dust settles.


TV Show Tracker Apps – manage your shows & movies

TV show & Movie tracker apps are designed to help you manage the chaos!  Essentially, the the tracker apps allow you to easily keep track of your current shows & movies that you enjoy and identify new shows and movies that you might like to add to your stable of viewing options. The apps below are designed for both Apple & Android Users.

So far we’ve only used two of the apps: TV Time & Next Episode.  Both products are discussed below. We’ve also included a few more apps you might want to take a look at, as well.


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TV Time App

Tv tracker App Tv Time


  • For Apple IOS & Android
  • Works on smart phone or Ipad
  • Cost: Free
  • 4.7 star avg. on 34,000 ratings

We’re currently using the TV Time App. With 13 million users, TV time has a large & loyal following. They currently track 200,000+ shows/movies, across over 350 platforms

We like TV Time because –

(FYI, we have no relationship with Tv Time. We just like em!)

  • Setup took 15-20 minutes, by telling the app about your current shows & how many seasons you’ve viewed
  • Navigating through shows, movies or performing searches was quick & easy. After setup, the app tracks what your watching, all in one place
  •  Tv Time “Watch list” tracks the library of shows you watch or plan to watch
  •  The “upcoming list” tracks what’s on today & what’s coming later (e.g. Homeland starts up this Sunday & Billions comes back in 88 days)
  • You can receive notifications for upcoming episodes or movies
  • Based on the shows you’ve already watched TV Time customizes recommendations for new shows.
  •  With 13 million users, TV Time uses what’s called TvLytics to track what it’s large user base watches and what might be of interest to you
  • The “Discover” feature help you search through a sea of entertainment options & then let’s you know where to watch shows & movies, across all platforms (e.g. “This is Us” currently appears on: HULU, NBC, VUDU, iTunes, You Tube, Amazon & Google Play)
  • It’s interactive, so you can cast your vote on episodes with star ratings & emojis


Next Episode

Tv Tracker App Next Episode

  • For Apple IOS & Android
  • Works on smart phone or Ipad
  • Cost: Free to $24 annually – to go ad free, receive alerts, additional features
  • 4.8 avg. stars on 1300 ratings

Similar to TV Time, we found Next Episode easy to setup. It provides a clear view of your current and upcoming shows & recommendations for similar shows you might also enjoy.

To us, it wasn’t always as easy to navigate from screen to screen. Also, some of the nice features, like push notifications for a new episode are fee based (including removing ads). The fees aren’t exhorbitant… just something to be aware of.  Also, up to 6 family members can share the App.

Next Episode Features –

  • MY SHOWS – you add your favorite shows &  Next Episode tracks them for you
  • RECENT – see what just aired and what is coming tomorrow. See all the shows or just the ones you like.
  • CALENDAR – A weekly listing of what is about to air
  • WHAT’S NEXT – shows from MY SHOWS, ordered by when their next episode will be.
  • STUFF TO WATCH – new episodes from MY SHOWS appear in there, once they air. A great way to keep an eye of all unwatched episodes!
  • TOP SHOWS – see which shows were the most popular shows in the last Hour, Day, Week or Month.
  • WE RECOMMEND – wondering what to watch next? Next Episode recommends shows to you based on shows you like.
  • SOCIAL – post to your Twitter or Facebook account whenever you start/stop following a show.
  • SHOW DETAILS – See more info about the shows: pictures, descriptions, next episode info, seasons schedule, air dates etc.


Hobi Time


Tv Tracker Hobi App

  • For Apple IOS & Android
  • Works on Smart phone or Ipad
  • Cost: Free to $20 depending on features/premiums
  • 4.7 avg. stars on 265 ratings

Hobi Features:

  • Discover the most trending TV shows
  • Countdown to the next episode
  • Be first to know about premiere dates
  • Know where you left with a friendly episode tracker
  • Get surprising insights about your TV habits.
  • Never miss your show with episode customizable notifications
  • Full Trakt.TV integration & Trakt sync


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TV Show Tracker – Trakt Client

TV Show tracker Trakt client


  • For Apple IOS
  • Work on Iphone or Ipad
  • Cost: Free to $6  – for additional features or monthly service fees
  • 4.7 avg. stars on 303 ratings

Adding  trakt Tv to your home theatre PC or media center, trakt Tv automatically tracks movies & shows you’ve watched.


Trakt Client Features –

  • FAST access to your all your trakt tv shows,
  • DISCOVER popular and trending shows from trakt
  • STATS about your tv show consumption
  • CALENDAR with NOTIFICATIONS of upcoming episodes
  • KEEP TRACK of your progress
  • OFFLINE ACCESS to your data
  • FREE access to all main features with no restriction on show number
  • BACKUP your data to your trakt account
  • Get notifications and reminders for new season premieres
  • Full Trakt.TV integration & Trakt sync
  • Series manager & series guide & TV tracker
  • View the CHANNEL and network your series is airing on
  • Mark episodes you’ve seen to remember what you need to watch next
  • Browse all episodes for all shows in an easy way