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What is MasterClass – Unique, Entertaining Insight from the Experts!



Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing


Drifting into week 3 of “shelter in place,” the fidgety folks at Jaunty are always on the hunt for new intellectual stimulation & entertainment.  As “homebody” is the plan for the foreseeable future, we rather not let time simply slip away. Could we emerge from this predicament a little more enlightened… broad-minded?  Is MasterClass worth it?  We believe that’s a YES

Article by Jaunty Staff


What is masterclass?


Next, let’s dive into the details…


Before I start, a big “tip of the hat” to our youngest, who encouraged us to consider MasterClass.com…Way to go Bub!


What is Masterclass?



First launched in 2015 by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen, MasterClass.com now offers 80+ pre-recorded classes. Along with downloadable class materials, the classes are presented by renowned experts in their fields.

MasterClass covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • Film & TV
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Culinary Arts
  • Writing
  • Business, Politics & Society
  • Sports and Games
  • Design, Photography, & Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Science & Technology


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Visit the “Give it a Try” shop page! 


Learn poker from the experts


How does Masterclass Work

On average, MasterClass courses are 3 to 5 hours, divided into 10 to 20, bite sized lessons. The lessons range from 5 to 30 minutes. As the classes have been recorded, you can watch whenever it’s convenient. In short, you complete the classes on your schedule.

Another nice benefit is you can watch your MasterClasses from your phone, computer or from the big screen, on AppleTV

MasterClass is a great launching point into new areas of interest. Or, perhaps consider another point of view on a topic you may already have a handle on.

While it’s similar to traditional education, MasterClass falls somewhere between a 45 min TED talk and a full blown online college course.

Is masterclass worth it?

MasterClass provides fascinating insight into topics you may have always been curious about. Plus, the extensive list of topics is the perfect opportunity to move out of your comfort zone.

MasterClass is unlike online courses you may have taken in the past.  The design & layout are high quality & professionally produced. Great speakers, music, interactive assignments, supporting graphics and video clips relevant to the material are woven into lessons. The polished presentations make the content engaging & entertaining.

Also noteworthy, the presenters have personally designed the content of the course (we can assume MasterClass assists with class structure).  Consequently, the material is authentically from the presenters point of view.  This is far more interesting than teaching from a dusty textbook others may have written

Most important – MasterClass presenters are people who have absolutely CRUSHED it in their given area of expertise… so their point of view isn’t simply an academic exercise. THEY’VE LIVED IT!



The Instructors


  • Tennis Lesson with Serena Williams?
  • Cooking Classes with Michelin Star Chef Thomas Keller?
  • Photography Lessons with Annie Liebovitz?
  • The Art of Negotiation with Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss?
  • The Art of Directing with Ron Howard?
  • Space Exploration with former commander of the Intl Space Station, Chris Hadfield?
  • Writing lessons with Malcolm Gladwell?

I could go on & on… The list of expert instructors & topics is extensive





Is MasterClass worth it?

Give the Gift of an All Access pass


We believe MasterClass is well worth it! The exposure to new information (the break from TV and the news) and the current MasterClass Promotion make for a compelling argument.

Option 1 – MasterClass charges $180 for an annual, all access pass (or $15 per month payments)

Option 2 –  $90 for taking 1 class.

Promotion – As of this writing, MasterClass is offering a 2 for 1 deal (Two subscriptions @ $90 a piece). Jaunty went this route, splitting the subscriptions with friends.


Kelly Wearstler teaches interior design

Let’s break down the cost…

For a single $90, 5 hour class, that’s about $18 per hour to participate. Given the current MasterClass promotion, a single class is probably not your best option.

Using the current 2 for 1 promotion, a $90 per year subscription is a pretty good deal. Assuming you only took 3 classes for the year:

$90 / 15 hours of viewing = $6 per hour.

At $6 per hour, that’s less expensive than buying a movie on iTunes. The more you enjoy MasterClass, the less expensive your investment becomes.

Think of the $90 as being re-routed away from a big dinner out (which really isn’t a thing right now) and instead, filling your brain with fascinating information.





The unique, and hopefully once in a lifetime situation we find ourselves in might also be an opportunity. MasterClass.com might be a great option to explore topics you’ve always been interested in, but just didn’t have the time. Certainly MasterClass is a  more entertaining way to return to school. Be inspired for your business concerns, improve your culinary skills, be a more insightful writer and  many more.

Sit down with a family member and learn about something completely outside of your wheelhouse. Maybe you’ll discover a new passion or see yourself from a fresh perspective.  Is MasterClass worth it? We think so….


Visit the “Give it a Try” shop page! 

Have you read Jaunty’s article on indoor Herb garden Kits