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Luxury Train Travel – Preview 6 First Class Train Travel Experiences for 2020


Luxury Train Travel

“Luxury Train travel is wonderful…. To travel by train is to see nature and human beings, towns and churches and rivers, in fact, to see life.”      – Agatha Christie


Luxury travel is a vibrant, and expanding market. It’s expected to grow to $1.6 billion globally, over the next five years. Luxury train travel is an integral part of this market. It typically attracts those with an eye for exciting and exotic adventures.

Below are six stunning examples that highlight why luxury trains have so much appeal!


By David White, UK  freelance writer.


Luxury Trains in India: The Maharajas’ Express

Luxury Train travel on The Beautiful Maharaja Express
The Maharaja Express

A comprehensive program of cultural and sightseeing events gets underway on the Maharajas’ Express  The M.E. travels from Delhi to Mumbai. Stopping in six major cities, the seven day, journey puts the full splendor of India on display.

The Presidential Suite on the Indian Splendor Tour costs $23,700 per person and is adorned with Indian elegance.

The Maharaja Express Dining Car
Maharaja Express Dining Car

During this 2,724 kilometer tour, guests enjoy the ultimate in Indian luxury. World-class food is served in one of two gourmet restaurants; the Mayur Mahal or the Rang Mahal.

The Indian Splendor Tour is an amazing cultural experience. The Maharajas’ Express has won the World Travel Award for best Luxury Train seven years in a row.


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The Legendary Trans-Siberian Express Train

The Luxury Train of the Trans-Siberian Railroad

This legendary rail journey & begins in Kazansky Station in Moscow. Traveling East for 15 days the tour makes stops at seven cities along its 10,555-kilometer route.

This includes a stop in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar and again at Lake Baikal before arriving in the Navel Port of Vladivostok.

An Imperial suite on this Eastbound journey costs $36,000 per person. The suite showcases the best of Russian history, culture and gourmet cuisine.

Inside the Trans-Siberian dining car
Trans Siberian Dining Car

The Trans-Siberian Express has a rich history and it’s known worldwide as a symbol of quality and excellence. This tour captivates and inspires the imagination like no other.


The Silk Road on the Shangri La Express
Shangri La Express travels the country side

From Xian, the Shangri-La Express crosses China. The stops along the route explore many aspects of the counties ancient culture.

A  Shangri-La Express Diamond Class Imperial Suite costs $49,500 per person. The minimalist nature of its carriages contrasts with the grand opulence of the legendary Trans-Siberian Express. However, the attention to detail regarding quality and service is identical.

A visit to the bar car on the Shangri-La Express
Bar Car on the Shangri-La Express

Arriving at Druzhba Station in Kazakhstan, guests disembark from the Shangri-La Express and continue to Moscow on-board the Trans-Siberian Express.

The Silk Road Tour provides a unique opportunity to experience luxury rail travel and to enjoy the contrast of modernity and grand tradition.


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Romantic, Luxurious Rail Travel:  The Venice Simplon-Orient Express

The Venice Simplon Orient Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express is one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world. The carriages of the Orient Express have been enjoyed by royalty and celebrities many times since 1893.

From Victoria Station in London, its route leads through the Eurotunnel to mainland Europe. Once there, the voyage continues across France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy, to Venice.

Luxury Train Travel -The Piano Bar Venice Simplon-Orient Express
Relax in the piano bar

Relaxing in the Piano Bar Lounge, the spectacular scenery provides many topics of conversation among travelers.

A luxury cabin suite costs around $3,500 per person. It provides overnight accommodation and a fantastic way for you to enjoy the journey.

Meals are prepared on-board and served in one of its three dining suites. Tuxedos and cocktail dresses are customary at evening dinner. The Orient Express experience continually sets itself apart as a symbol of romance. It’s notoriety & luxury service make it legendary.

A Luxury sleeper suite on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express
Luxury Suite on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express



On Safari, Pretoria to Cape Town – Rovos Rail

Cape Town- Rovos Rail

Under the South African Sun in Pretoria, the spacious and majestic train pulls away and heads across the plains of the Great Karoo.

Its three-day, 1,600-kilometer journey presents an unparalleled view of the South African scenery and wildlife. The most spacious Royal Suite will cost you around $3,300 per person and they are exquisitely fitted in Victorian style.

Luxury Train Travel: Socializing on the Cape Town - Rovos Rail lounge

Throughout the journey, meals are meticulously prepared and served in the dining cars. The quality of the gourmet food is second to none. As with the Orient Express, there’s a formal dress code at mealtimes. The train stops at the city of Kimberly and again at the Victorian village in Matjiesfontein before arriving at Cape Town.



India’s Palace On Wheels

Luxury Train Travel - India's Palace on Wheels

The Palace on wheels operates as a one-week luxury train tour. Beginning in New Delhi, it explores India’s cities, wildlife, and culture. It concludes with a visit to the Taj Mahal at Agra. A deluxe cabin costs $5,000 per person and offers luxurious comfort. Its unique onboard Spa facilities are an added luxury. The Palace On Wheels is an exclusive luxury tour that gives a unique, pure Indian experience.

Luxury Train Travel -A luxurious suite on India's Palace on Wheels


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