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Underrated vacation spots. Here’s 6 we know you’ll love


By – Jaunty Staff

The summer may have drawn to an end, but that doesn’t mean the vacations need to stop! If you’ve got an itch to travel, you might think your only options are those local mainstays you’ve already experienced a hundred times. However, if you’re willing to expand your search a little, you’ll find that there are plenty of underrated vacation spots just waiting for you to explore!

Best Underrated Vacation Spots?

 These 6 destinations stand out!

1. Bergen, Norway

Oslo may be the Norwegian capital, but don’t pass up the country’s second-largest city.
You’ll know you’ve arrived in Bergen when you spot the trademark rows of bright, colorful wooden houses. For your first stop, visit the historic harbor district of Bryggen. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this locale educates visitors on the role the town played in the Hanseatic League’s trading empire during the 14th to 16th centuries. Take in a day of culture, and then hop on the funicular to reach Fløyen Mountain, surrounding yourself with unforgettable views. If you’re a fan of watersports, Bergen is the place to be, offering plenty of opportunities to kayak and raft across Norway’s famous fjords.

2. Anguilla

Craving a tropical oasis, but unsure where to go? You can find one of the most unique vacations around in Anguilla! A breath of fresh air from other, more touristy Caribbean islands, this destination feels more authentic and approachable. With few cruise ships,

Anguilla on the beach

casinos or high-rises around, you have more space to enjoy the crystal-clear waters. Book a beachfront villa and settle in for a week of pampering. Dine alfresco, schedule a massage or indulge in a facial, and you’ll see why this is one of the best tropical vacation spots on Earth. When the sun sets, check the local calendar. Some of the greatest acts in music swing by Anguilla to perform!

3. Texas Hill Country

You don’t have to trek all the way to Napa Valley to savor some of the greatest wine around. Texas has eight recognized wine-growing regions, and the Hill Country is one of them.  In true Texas fashion, this area is oversized, spanning an incredible nine million acres and covering 25 counties. If you’re still on the fence about the state’s place in the wine world, it’s time to see it for yourself. This is one of the industry’s fastest-growing regions and regularly makes lists of the best places to visit in the US. Grapes normally found in regions such as Spain, southern France, and Italy thrive here, so visit one of the more than 50 nearby wineries and pour a glass!

4. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Yes, the Canadian Rockies are spectacular. However, if you only go to Calgary to access their foothills, you’re doing yourself a disservice. A bustling city that’s still rooted in a rural heritage, this spot is rich in culture, cattle, and culinary arts. Swing by the Glenbow Museum for an up-close look at Western Canadian art and artifacts. Or, pop in at the Calgary Farmer’s Market and visit with the artisans, florists, bakers, and other vendors for a true taste of the town. If you’re planning to visit in July, be sure to book a ticket to the Calgary Stampede. This 10-day rodeo event is always the highlight of the summer!

5. Puglia, Italy

Enjoying the sunshine in Puglia, ItalyHow does homemade pasta sound for dinner? If you’re in the mood for fresh orecchiette, we’ll wait while you book your flight. If you look at Italy as a boot, this region is its heel, but it’s far from last on the list. Spend five minutes here, and you’re immersed in the local food, wine, and culture. The beaches are a clear, aquamarine blend of emerald green and royal blue, forming a striking contrast against the whitewashed hills above. For the best beachcombing, swimming and sunbathing, check out Polignano a Mare or Torre Canne! Grab a late afternoon aperitif at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and splurge on dinner at Grotta Palazzese. Built into an ancient cave, it’s unlike any dining experience you’ve ever had.

6. Assateague Island

The Wild horses of Assateague Island

Want to share your vacation with more than 300 wild horses? You can when you take a trip to Assateague Island, a barrier island that Virginia and Maryland both share. Folklore weaves a colorful story of how the horses got there, claiming that they arrived on the island from a shipwrecked boat in Virginia back in the 18th century. However, there’s no way to be certain of their origin.  This mystique adds to the sheer beauty of the place. While you could spend your entire vacation enjoying the beauty and the beasts, there are other activities as well. Explore off-the-beaten-path spots via hiking trails and campsites!

Visit One of These Underrated Vacation Spots
With so many sites and scenes to take in, it would be a shame to limit yourself to visiting those within driving distance only. If you’re ready to shed the comforts of home for a little adventure, these underrated vacation spots fit the bill. You won’t find hordes of people, sky-high hotel chains or tourist traps on every corner, but you will find the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.

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