7 Best alcohol delivery services
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7 Best Alcohol Delivery Services


Best Alcohol Delivery Services

Here’s 7 of the best alcohol delivery services to conveniently keep the liquor cabinet stocked. Our list features quick and easy online sites, to grab your staple items. Some services can have your favorite libation in your hand in as little as a 1/2 hour; sometimes you just need your favorite liquor, NOW 🙂

We’ve also included a few options to help you explore lesser known premium or small batch spirits. It’s never a bad time to broaden your palate with newly unearthed liquor!

When in-person socializing is a thing again, impress your guests with the many great discoveries you’ve carefully researched, during quarantine!

Finally, not all alcohol delivery services cover every area. Before you get your heart set on the perfect cocktail, plug in your zip code to insure they service your neighborhood.


By –  The Lushed up Staff at Jaunty

PS – Jaunty could make a commission should you click & buy something. What ah freakin nightmare! 🙂


First, a short & entertaining guide to US Booz history…


Who Delivers Alcohol?

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The One We’re Currently Using…


Deep dive into Spirits exploration. Great App featuring the “flavor spiral.” Tasting Boxes.

Best alcohol delivery services app Flaviar

“We’re here to help people try more new things more often. Not only do we send out personalized samples & complimentary bottles, we give people access to rare and original spirits, invite them to great events, and keep them educated & entertained with booze-themed content.

We’re here to disrupt the pattern. To stir up new emotions and create experiences for you and your friends. So let’s break old habits. Because breaking shit is fun.”  – Flaviar


Premium, Small Batch Heaven

Flaviar build your bar

With less emphasis on staple items, Flaviar is designed for those who seek to be connoisseurs of their favorite spirit… or perhaps explore something completely new. For example, of the 1500 or so Whiskeys out there, most bars carry the same 10 to 50 brands. Flaviar highlights hundreds of unique and enticing spirits that you may not be familiar with.

You can buy from Flaviar directly or take advantage of the membership service for special deals. You can order online or  through the Flaviar App. I highly recommend using the well designed App!

To start,  you quickly answer 3 questions to gauge your tastes, Next, Flaviar begins to provide spirit recommendations.


The Flavor Spiral

Flaviar spiral

Flaviar’s Flavor spiral provides a cool visual representation of each spirit’s flavor notes (woody, apple, carmel, peppery, vanilla, etc…). This is very handy when you are trying to narrow down your purchase from the wide selection of spirits…. Many of which you won’t be familiar with.  This is a GREAT app when looking to stock your bar with unique, hard to find, small batch spirits.

Flaviar Membership

Best alcohol delivery service whiskey club

For about $60 a quarter, a Flaviar membership provides a host of benefits including:

  • Full member access to more unique spirits
  • 1 Tasting Box per quarter
  •  1 full-size Bottle per quarter
  • Free shipping every month
  • Free live tasting events
  • Member pricing in Flaviar’s shop
  • A digital home bar tracker
  • A refer-a-friend program
  • You can cancel at any time


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Wide Selection, Quick Deliveries!


best alcohol delivery services for quick delivery with Saucey


Saucey is all about the speed as they can deliver in as little as 30 minutes! Partnering with local liquor stores, Saucey is a slightly smaller version of Drizly.

Their model skips the  delivery, service &  minimum order fees. Keeping it simple, the listed price of the alcohol is what you pay. Saucey is full service, offering Beer, Wine and liquor.  If you’re outside of Saucey’s delivery area, they are happy to ship your order (3-5 business days).

You can place your order from Saucey’s website or use the IOS/Android app.




Best alcohol delivery services

The big dog of delivery services

Accessible online or through their app, Drizly is available in 100 cities and 31 states across the US (& Alberta, Canada!). Utilizing local liquor stores in your area, Drizly offers a large selection of your fav beers, wines & liquor. You can also get mixers, sodas & snacks with your order.

While Drizly let’s you shop & facilitates the order, the local stores arrange for the delivery or shipping of your order. Under normal circumstances, your spirits can be delivered inside of an hour. As of this writing, you’ll need a little more patience during the quarantine. Go the f**k away Coronavirus!!

Delivery fees are $5,  shipping is flat rate and prices are competitive.



Reserve Bar

Engraving from Reserve bar

Gifting, Engraving & Special Promotions


Looking for a gift of spirits for a special occasion? Perhaps having a bottle engraved? Planning on treating yourself to a limited run, artisanal liquor? Rserve Bar is a great site for gifting and less common spirit offerings. There’s no need to shy away from the cost as most of the offerings are special promotions of reasonably priced alcohol.

Orders can be shipped same day through Reserve Bar Express (engraving takes longer) or have your order shipped.



Best alcohol delvery service for Wine

Wine that compliments your Palate

If Wine is your thing, Winc is a very popular subscription service.

To dial in it’s customers’ palate, Winc asks you 6 questions to better understand the type of  wine you might enjoy. Once your questionnaire and account is completed, Winc ships your first 3 bottles.

The minimum order is $39 dollars a month (+$9 shipping). If you purchase 4 bottles, shipping is free. Once you’ve sampled the wines, you can provide feedback on Winc’s site, which is used to further define your wine preferences for the following month.

Buying a la carte is an option too, starting at $13 a bottle. You can also skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time.




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postmates delivers everything & alcohol

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, household goods, batteries & yes, alcohol

Postmates has a lot of experience moving goods around major US cities. They are very good at delivering a wide range of goods, on demand.  You can add your local liquor stores to Postmates’ long list of items.

Postmates is another great option for having your staple alcohols delivered to your door. Currently, Postmates delivers alcohol across 23 US cities.

Order online or use the Postmates App for IOS/Android


Minibar delivery

Mini bar delivery

Need some recipes? Perfect drink for the celebration?

Spread out across 50 cities, Minibar delivers Beer, Wine, liquor, ice mixers and snacks.

Much like Drizly & Saucey, Minibar works with local liquor stores for ordering and delivery. Their delivery fee varies according to your order.

Minibar also provides some great cocktail recipes as well as a comprehensive blog on stocking your bar, preparing for celebrations etc….

Order directly from Minibars website or take advantage of the IOS/Android app


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