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Best Interactive Dog Toys – WickedBone Review


5 min Read – Today, we review one of the best interactive dog toys, from WickedBone. Available on Amazon


Interactive toy to keep you pet entertained.


It’s been 3 weeks since we adopted our new puppy, Khaleesi. The unbridled burst of energy she’s brought to our home has been a welcome diversion in our winter of COVID. Like most puppies, Khaleesi’s motto is “play hard, play hard some more, then crash hard!”

Puppies require lots of play and human interaction as they mature. It takes some serious effort to keep up with & participate in Khaleesi’s play schedule.


Healthy Distractions

Every once in a while, adding an interactive toy into the mix gives Mom & Dad a break while entertaining and exercising your pup or dog. WickedBone’s Smart interactive dog toy offers a unique way to play with your pup… with or without your direct participation.


best interactive dog toys


Our review today actually comes from Khaleesi’s older half brother, Mamba. Another member of the BerneDoodle Tribe, Mamba is a handsome, raucous 15 week old pup… with boundless energy. When Mamba was officially adopted into our friends home, we made the WickedBone a welcome home gift.  Mamba has taken the WickedBone through its paces, both at home and in the office. Here’s Mamba’s unfiltered feedback.

best interactive dog toys Mamba
Mamba Lounging

Setting up WickedBone

Download the IOS or Android WickedBone App and pair your phone with the WickedBone. If you’re familiar with setting up apps on your phone, this will feel very straightforward.

WickedBone App


The app lets you operate WickedBone from your phone screen. Using a virtual joystick, you can drive the bone for Puppy-Owner playtime. Or, you can set it to several versions of autoplay, where the Wickedbone will interact with the puppy directly. Depending on how your pup interacts with the WickedBone, the bone adapts with more or less aggressive activity.

The app also allows you to customize the Wickedbone to the size or the play area, as well as the temperament & quickness  of your Dog. When operating the Wickbone from your phone, you can be as far as 60 feet away.


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Safe & Durable

WickedBone is made with FDA food-grade polycarbonate for the body, cover, and the tires.  Strong and soft, it protects your puppy’s claws and teeth.

Best interactive dog toy


Battery Life

You can expect about 30 minutes of play when you’re driving the Wickedbone from your phone and as long as 2 hours in interactive mode. This can vary depending upon the terrain (thick carpet, inclines etc…). Frankly 30 minutes of straight play is a really good block of time, before a dog ( and especially a pup) becomes distracted.


Customer Support

WickBone does have a 24 hour customer support line, to assist with setup and use, should you run into a problem. Look where technology has taken us; calling customer support for your dogs bone 🙂



  • WickedBone is highly engaging. Autoplay let’s your Pup play when your busy
  • Very durable materials go into the WickedBone, for lots of rough housing
  • AutoPlay Modes – let Puppy parents rest while entertaining the Pup
  • Customer Service is available if you run into setup/use issues
  • Great housewarming gift for friends that have recently adopted a new Pup/Dog



  • $79 is a relatively pricey dog toy
  • Your battery life can dip if your house has thick carpet or tall grass. In that case you may need to charge more
  • No matter what the WickBone is capable of, dogs have the attention span of, well, a dog. The Wickedbone may be the panacea or just one of many favorites in their toy box
  • Even if the WickedBone can be interactive for 2 hours, your Pup may last 20 minutes, then move onto an old sock. It’s still time well spent.
  • If your puppy’s going through a chewing phase, the WickedBone might not be the fix for that. Although it’s great for exercise/activity, very durable & the outer wheels are squishy, it’s perhaps not as satisfying a chewy teddy bear or tennis ball.
  • It’s important to setup WickedBone to a speed & activity level that will engage but not spook your dog. Go slow at first and ramp up.


Mamba versus WickedBone


While Mamba gives the WickedBone high marks it is one of many favorite toys, that round out his playtime. The WickedBone cleverly provides hours of entertainment. And when your pup’s need to play outsize your available time, interactive autoplay will keep the party going!



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