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Foods that Boost Your Immune System


With the lifting of many restrictions, renewed visits to our favorite restaurants, BBQ’s with friends & splurging on Summer favorites are all back in play! Admittedly, as the Summer fun progresses, attention to healthy & nutritious foods may have suffered somewhat. New found freedom may have led to a “hog wild” diet! Consequently, a few diet modifications might be in order. Fortunately, it’s simple (& delicious) to add a few nutritious foods that boost your immune system.


Foods that Boost Your Immune System


Natural boosters for the immune system are a simple way to get back on track. So, maybe it’s time to exercise more self care for you and your loved ones.

Below is a list of 6 suggestions to boost your immune system. Now would be a great time to experiment, if you haven’t already!


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1. The Power of Vitamin E

Nuts help boost your immunity


Vitamin E plays a part in a whole host of immune functions. This powerful antioxidant helps us head off infectious diseases and the incidence of tumors

First of all, Nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E.  Sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts are all excellent sources of this vitamin.

For example, a 3.5 oz serving of Almonds is packed with 25mg of Vitamin E.

On the go snacks, tossing in a salad or butter make nuts a stellar choice!

Also worth noting are these great sources of Vitamin E

  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Trout
  • Butternut Squash
  • Swiss Chard


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2.  Garlic

 garlic is a food that boosts your immune system


Of note, Garlic is considered one of the top dogs in terms of immune support. Vitamin dense, garlic includes: vitamin B6, manganese, selenium, vitamin c, iron, potassium, and copper.

Numerous studies point to garlic’s benefits. It’s known to fight cardiovascular disease & promote brain health. Further, studies suggest garlic can boost your mood, lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

That’s a lot of upside for a spice that compliments so many foods!



Garlic Benefits, Raw

There are many ways to ingest garlic.  Garlic in raw form has shown to be the most potent at delivering the benefits.

Fortunately, tasty culinary blends, garlic shots and garlic pills all deliver the goods! Choose which method works best for you.

Following up with brisk tooth brushing is recommended! 🙂


Looking for inspiration?  Check out Bon Appétit’s terrific list of 30 garlic recipes!

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3. Benefits of Vitamin D for Immunity

Fatty Tuna

Hunkered down at home, the daily dose of Sunshine (& Vitamin D) has been curtailed. Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin for this reason.

D plays an important role in overall health and immunity, including:

  • Promoting healthy bones and teeth
  • Supporting immune, brain & nervous system health
  • Regulating insulin levels & supporting diabetes management
  • Benefiting lung function & cardiovascular health
  • Influencing the expression of genes involved in cancer development


Plentiful food sources of vitamin D include:

  • fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna
  • egg yolks
  • fortified cereals and juices
  • cheese
  • beef liver
  • mushrooms
  • fortified milk
  • fortified cereals and juices


4. Benefits of Ginger for Health

ginger is a food that boosts your immune system

Did anyone’s Mom ever give you ginger ale to “settle your stomach?”

Ginger is a widely used home remedy for your stomach and intestinal tract. Studies suggest a healthy belly is an important component in managing overall health. A healthy gut works as a sentry to the benefit of your immune system

Some of the benefits of ginger include:

  • Relieving nausea, gas, bloating, indigestion
  • Minimizing post exercise muscle pain
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Supporting cardiovascular health
  • Lowering cancer risk
  • Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis

Also, from the National Institutes of Health:  “One test-tube study found that fresh ginger had antiviral effects against human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV), which causes respiratory infections.

There’s a lot of upside to ginger.  Fortunately there are many ways to  incorporate ginger into your diet. One of my favorites is blending fresh ginger chunks into a smoothie.

If you’re at a loss for what to do with ginger, perhaps  Martha Stewart’s recipes can steer you in the right direction.


Grow Your Own Ginger?

Our friends at Happy DIY Home have published a clear and comprehensive article on how to grow you own Ginger at home. This might be a fun home project that also packs a tasty, healthy boost to the nutrition regimen!



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5. Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

oil of oregano


All forms of oregano are antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory herbs to include in your diet. Used the world over, oregano’s strong flavor brings a rich warmth to numerous dishes.

Used in small amounts, Studies suggest oregano is an excellent source of vitamin K, helps fight bacteria and reduces inflammation.


6. Which Tea is the healthiest

Which tea is healthiest


First, the good news: Studies indicate that both green and black teas produce health and wellness benefits.

All tea’s naturally contain about 100 to 300 mg of flavonoids. Tea is a good source of compounds known as Catechins and Epicatechins. Both are part of the flavonoids family, which delivers the health benefits.

Sorry herbal tea fans. Without tea leaves, the benefits don’t apply here.

In general, green tea has slightly more flavonoids than black. As a result, making the call between black and green tea really comes down to taste. Also, tea contains about half as much caffeine as coffee.

Studies suggest that tea provides many benefits. Cardiovascular health, reducing inflammation, reducing plaque buildup in arteries and lowering LDL cholesterol make the top of the  Other studies point to reduction of stress, mental focus and much more

Choose the tea you enjoy most and begin to reap the benefits!



Super Immunity (the book)

Super Immunity Book


Want to learn more about living a Super Immunity lifestyle? Dr Fuhrman’s “Super Immunity” book details the science of strengthening your immune system.

Super Immunity includes:

  • Dos and don’ts checklist for colds and flu prevention
  • The latest anticancer research
  • Proven strategy to reach and maintain your ideal weight forever
  • Lists of super foods for super immunity
  • A two-week daily menu planner
  • Over eighty-five super-delicious recipes


The foods that boost your immune system listed here are just a few examples. There are numerous satisfying options to choose from. Perhaps introduce & supercharge your immune system at your next meal!


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