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Breville Barista Express –  Indulge in great coffee



Breville Barista Express

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The Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine captures the sensory experience that drives us to the coffee shop.

  • Wonderfully fragrant whole bean aromas arouse the senses
    • nutty, floral, caramelly, chocolaty, citrusy…
  • Fresh whole beans, precisely ground, tamped
  • Just the right amount of water pressure, extracting the coffee flavors
  • Hot steam, gently texturing milk to be layered over espresso
  • Perfect lattes, cappuccinos or macchiatos

Breville’s Barista Express does a superlative job. It recreates the vaunted coffee experience from home. We’ve had our Barista Express for 6 months now. It delivers precise, customized, delicious cups of coffee, every morning.


Breville Barista Express


Beach Sandy


Breville Barista in action

Why We Like the Breville Barista Express?

  • Breville delivers highest quality espresso drinks
  • Power on to poured espresso in under 2 minutes
  • Ease of operation.
    • Simple directions & initial setup in 15 min
    •  Setting the grind, water pressure is easy
    • Directions on how to best steam your milk
    • Quick, easy steps to clean or decalcify
    • Customizable conical burr grinder
      • Grind size dial lets you adjust according to type of coffee beans
  • Precise & adjustable water pressure to extract the flavors
  • Powerful milk foam steamer makes you the Barista
  • Overflow tray lets you know when its almost full
  • Over 17,000 4.5 Star reviews on Amazon

We initially winced at the price. But it really equates to about 140 lattes from a coffee shop. It pays for itself very quickly!




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The Breville Barista Express is artfully designed. It recreate everything you love about the coffee shop experience. Delicious, aromatic coffee every time. Feel free to tip yourself after you create  the perfect latte, cappuccino or macchiato!