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Caddis Progressive Readers – See up Close & Far Away


Caddis Progressive Readers…

Age awesome readers with free US shipping.

There are precious few of us that can really “rock” wearing readers on your forehead or around your neck; always on standby until you need to see something up close.

Given the size of the audience, readers need to be way cooler & far more user friendly.

That said, Caddis was founded in 2017 by an eclectic group of surfers, musicians & entrepreneurs. Their mission, in addition to designing truly aesthetic “eye appliances”  is to embrace aging. Own it, enjoy it & be in the moment! Of course, having cool readers also helps!

Caddis delivers a full line of readers, including sunglasses, progressives & blue light blockers.

While they are all worthy of a serious look, we love the progressives!

Caddis Progressive Readers are the perfect reader solution…

  • Made for those of us who need to see stuff  up close and far away.
  • Zero magnification at the top and readers on the bottom
  • Nope… these are not bifocals but truly progressive lenses
  • Lots of cool looking frame options, to compliment your style

Hit any of the links to Shop Caddis now!  Also, make sure to have a go with Caddis web site “Virtual Try On” app, to find the style that Suits you best.

The Miklos Progressive

Need to see up close and far away, these are most flexible readers.

Progressive readers for men and women.


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