PSO Rite deep tissue tools
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Deep Tissue Massage Tools by PSO Rite

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Finally… “Passive-Aggressive” is a good thing! PSO Rite deep tissue massage tools promote deep muscle release through passively laying on PSO’s muscle specific devices.

At the same time, PSO Rites pinpoint accuracy aggressively targets stubborn muscles, much like a deep tissue massage. We use PSO’s deep tissue massage tools at least a couple times a week to aid in muscle relaxation and recovery. Perfect while watching TV or when you have ten minutes to spare. Choose the Rite PSO tools for your specific needs!


PSO Rite tools for Hips, Psoas, Lats and more!


PSO Rite Deep tissue massage tool


Beach Sandy


PSO Rite deep tissue massage tool


Why We Like PSO Rite Products?

  • Simple, yet pin point aggressive self care for your muscles
  • PSO tools easily target multiple muscles
  • 10 minutes of passive stretching releases muscles tension
  • Choose the tools that address the most stubborn muscles
  • Hundreds of average 4.5 star Amazon ratings
  • Simple guides/videos to get you started


Deep Tissue Massage for Spine, Lats, Groin…!




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