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Diopter Charts for Reading Glasses – Time for new Readers?


2 Min read – For us, reading glasses are a staple item. I can wander into almost any room in the house, dig into any number of drawers, the car glove box or a gym bag and stumble across a pair or two. While this convenience strategy often pays off, sometimes I end up with a pair of readers that are no longer the right strength. My guess is the readers have weakened, from lack of use. 🙂  To refresh my reader collection and discard the old ones,  I need to periodically break out the diopter charts for reading glasses.

Free, printable eye test charts for reading glasses are a quick and easy way to insure your readers are updated to the correct strength.

“My Grandmother is over eighty and still doesn’t need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle” –  Henny Youngman

The simple, self administered test points you to the proper strength on the diopter scale. Diopter chart is a fancy way of saying “read these gradually smaller sentences. The smallest one that’s comfortable to read is your new reader prescription strength.

There’s no point straining your eyes when you’re in the middle of a good book. As time marches on, the occasional spot check will keep your reading glasses current.

Plus, new and interesting readers are always coming out. Another excuse to upgrade your style or find a more convenient pair to fit your needs. There are also  numerous speciality readers for computer work, poolside reading, bifocals etc… that are worth considering.

Where to get the tests…


Below are a couple of  links to diopter tests to print out. Each site explains the test in more detail. You do need to print out the test, for accurate results.

The first is from our friends at ThinOptics. ThinOptic is one of our favorite portable, on the go reading glasses brands. ThinOptics are stylish and easily fit in a pocket. I use ThinOptics for on the go and everyday readers.

Click the Thin Optics link, then select “Strength Test”


Comfortable readers with iPhone case
ThinOptics portable readers with phone case



Readers.com is another site with a convenient diopter test. Readers.com offers a wide selection of reader style to choose from, including more traditional designed readers for men & women. As of this writing they are also running a 30% off sale on their readers.

Click the Readers.com link, scroll to “shop by power,” select “find my power”



Choose lens strength, bifocal feature, etc for the perfect readers.

Customizable Readers from Readers.com



Staying current with the right strength reading glasses lets you enjoy your reading more & protect your peepers from eye strain. A quick and easy diopter test will make sure you’re using the right readers. And it never hurts to update your look while you’re at it!



Sit in the sun and read with these stylish Ray Ban Wayfair style glasses.

Key West Sun Glasses Readers



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