Holiday Hacks for christmas trees
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Holiday Hacks for Christmas Trees


3 Min Read – We’re still a natural tree household when it comes to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong. We do admire the perfectly symmetrical, pre-lighted & easily assembled qualities of the synthetic tree. A  perfectly straight & well decorated synthetic tree can stir the Christmas spirit in anyone. Honestly, we could see ourselves evolving to a tree in a box at some point, But for now, we still have an affinity for the genuine article, picked from the tree lot, tree. So, In order to keep up with the beauty of the synthetic tree, we’ve adopted some holiday hacks for Christmas Trees, to ensure our natural tree looks it’s best through New Year’s.



Fresh, Supple, Needles


If you find the perfect tree but the needles are already dry or crunchy… go find another perfect tree. It will be difficult to keep an already dry tree looking good.


Zap the Sap

After scouring the tree lot for “the one” ask the lot attendant to once again trim the bottom of the tree (or do it yourself, once your home). After the tree has been cut, sap can build up on the bottom of the tree, which blocks it’s water intake. A fresh cut will get more water to your tree, keeping it fresher through the holidays.



Cool Watering device

holiday hacks for Christmas Trees

Keeping the tree hydrated is half the battle to a beautiful tree.  Crawling around on your knees everyday to feed the tree is no bueno!

We love the HO HO 2O for it’s clever approach. Disguised as a Christmas gift, the HO HO 2O holds 2.5 gallons of water, automatically waters the tree when it gets low & alerts you when it needs to be refilled (about once a week).



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Universal Tree topper holder

For years we wrestled with trying to get the tree topper on straight. There’s nothing so sad as a beautifully decorated tree, topped with a star, slumped to one side. The universal tree topper stabilizer, easily twists onto our tree & then supports whatever type of tree topper you use: cone shape, conical, finial etc… The stabilizer snuggly holds our ornament in place, through the holiday.



Christmas Tree Plant Food

Keep your tree watered and hydrated which will reduce needles from dropping.

We like Perfect Plants Christmas Tree Saver for a couple years now & it does seem to help keep the tree perky.  A couple applications should carry the tree through the season.



Weathertech Xmas Tree Mat

holiday hacks for Christmas Trees

This one has less to do with the tree’s beauty and more to do with your floor’s beauty. The WeatherTech Xmas tree mat prevents scratches and keeps water off your floor.




Christmas Tree disposal Bags

Placing a tree bag at the base of your tree before you decorate saves on a lot of cleanup, when it’s time to take the tree out. We put our tree bag in place, under the tree stand, then cover it with a tree skirt. At season’s end, we remove the ornaments, drain out any excess water, then slide the bag up and over the entire tree. This makes it very easy and way less messy to transport the tree out of the house. Once outside, we tear through the bag to pull the stand off & tie off the bag. It’s now ready to be picked up.



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