How to take care fo your feet.
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How to Take Care of Your Feet – The Right Shoes


How to Take Care of Your Feet

Feet are the unsung heroes of the body.  By age 50, the average person has taken about 136,875,000 steps & walked 68,750 miles (avg. 7500 steps a day)! Consequently, It’s no surprise that all that trekking takes a toll on your dogs. How to take care of your feet becomes an important focus as we age.

Your feet are an intricate configuration of 26 bones & 33 joints. There’s also a complex symphony of ligaments, tendons & muscles. When somethings out of whack, your feet let you know… quickly. One in four adults suffer some form of debilitating foot pain by age 45.


Sources of Sore Feet

Clearly, to do battle against aging isn’t for the meek. Some of the many age-related foot pain issue stems from:

  • Fat Pad Atrophy – Loss of fat in the balls & heels of our feet (great… that’s where I lost weight!).
  • Flat Foot – Over time your arches tend to flatten out.
  • Big Foot – Well, at least bigger. Through flattening/swelling your feet get bigger as we age, affecting shoe size & fit.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – the nagging  pain in your heel.  Plantar fascia is a long ligament that runs along the sole of your foot and supports your arch. Repeated stress, like jogging, or even everyday strain can irritate it, causing pain and stiffness.
  • Osteoarthritis – when cartilage, a flexible tissue that prevents friction, breaks down. That lets bone rub against bone.
    Carrying extra weight – a few pounds adds additional strain to feet

Jaunty will follow up shortly with an article on some of the best foot care products to further care for your feet. Today, however, we take a look at shoes.


How to Take Care of Your Feet?  Fight the Good Fight with Better Shoes

The right footwear goes a long way to protect your feet from unnecessary strain & discomfort. Fortunately, additional foot protection doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Several shoe designers have leaned in to this widespread challenge.


More Benefits of getting the Right Shoes

Well designed shoes address the most common culprits of foot discomfort.  They also offer the added benefits of:

  • Keeping the body in motion – properly fit, comfortable shoes inspire activity. If your feet feel good, you’re inclined to stay active longer.
  • Avoiding the domino effect – Sore feet changes your stride. That negatively impacts other joints/muscles. Back pain, sore knees & more can stem from an irregular gate.
  • A reduction in injury or falls – Ill fitting or uncomfortable shoes can lead to additional unrelated foot issues. Fitted, comfortable shoes assist with better posture & balance. This reduces the risks of unnecessary falls.


The right shoes can really help to avoid foot aggravation & fatigue. Great shoes keep us active!

The next 100,000,000 steps are just as important as the previous. Get out & play with attractive shoes that pamper your feet.



For Women

L’Amour des Pieds

“Focus’ on cutting-edge style! Incorporate patent-pending adaptable memory foam arch support. It expands & contracts with the contours of your feet. Other comfort features include a breathable full sheep nappa lining.  Also, lightweight shock-absorbing EVA outsoles & adjustable straps.”

Verdun’ Crisscross

…they are SOOOO cushy and I get so many compliments on them!”

how to take care of your feet - Soft slender straps, with platform and cushy footbed for style and comfort all day.


Villapapavero Sandal

Hoe to take care of your feet - Cushy footbed that molds for comfort and support all summer.


Adelais Platform Wedge

Cushioned footbed and slender elastic straps with fashionable styling.


Fit Flops

“Many Fitflop shoes have received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance, for footwear found to promote good foot health.

“Fit Flops come with  Microwobbleboard™ technology. This provides three levels of targeted cushioning; the toes, midfoot, and heel. Fitflop’s reduce underfoot pressure, absorb shock, and provide maximum comfort.”

“Our new Anatomicush midsole is A-MA-ZING. Designed by our in-house expert biomechanist, it’s flexible and superlight. The soft curves are shaped to hug the contours of your feet.”


Brianna Sneaker

“…lightweight and easy to move in. Comes with an antibacterial mesh lining. Plus, the cushioned footbed helps keep feet healthy and comfortable.”

Antimicrobial mesh and anatomical designed footbed for a healthy and stylish shoe.


Rally Croc Leather Sneaker

“…ultra-light and features flexible Anatomicush™ midsoles.”


how to take care of your feet - Removable inner sole, with laces for easy adjusting give a comfortable wearing shoe.


Remi Platform Wedge

“…Microwobbleboard™ midsoles. Adjustable straps add comfort for narrow or wider feet. A fitted back strap for extra security & a cushy footbed complete the wedge.”


how to take care of your feet - Shock absorbing mid-sole and easy adjustable straps ensure a comfortable shoe.



“Vionic benefits from the expertise of some of the finest minds in health and lower limb biomechanics. The Vionic Innovation Lab brings together world-renowned health and fitness experts. They share a common vision of enhancing foot health and promoting a more vibrant, active lifestyle.”

“Many Vionic products carry the APMA Seal of Acceptance.”


Honey Sneaker

With arch support or removable insole and adjustable laces you have flexibility for max comfort.



Bianca Suede Sandal

Adjustable straps and chunky heal give style and comfort.




Minnie Kitten Heel Pump

how to take care of your feet - Orthotic comfort and support with adjustable strap.



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Cloud Terry

“The Cloud Terry is designed with soft-touch, experimental fabrics. This brings effortless comfort and style to your feet. Cloud Terry’s are crafted with Zero-Gravity foam and CloudTec®.  This provides added cushioning & abrasion pads for superior grip. The smooth and perforated vegan leather overlays for added style!  Cloud Terry is lightweight sneaker bliss. Ideal for: everyday wear and travel.

Light weight fabric and full insole support for comfort all day.





“We begin by taking the time to develop perfect fitting lasts—the form a shoe is shaped around. We don’t rush new looks to market every six months. Instead, we give ourselves the time to refine every aspect of our shoes to achieve wonderful comfort.

In this pursuit, we are uncompromising. We’re particular in our choice of materials and construction. Being just “good enough” is not good enough. We offer shoes of the utmost quality. When there is a better method, we do it that way. When there is better leather or material, we use that.”


Highlander Plain Toe Derby

“The breathable, triple-density PORON® memory-foam insole with an antimicrobial finish shapes to your foot. A Vibram® rubber sole and Kevlar® shank add lightweight, durable support.”

AMPA seal of approval for great foot comfort.


Re-Boot Waterproof Chukka

“…fitted with a Vibram® sole for day-one flexibility.  Triple-density PORON® memory-foam insole adds breathable cushioning.”

APMA certified for Orthotic design and comfort.



Cristiano Sneaker

“SOFT-AIR cushioning offers flexible comfort and support. Extra arch support & a removable insole.”

How to take care of your feet - Arch support and removable insole for personalized comfort.

Calisto Sneaker  

“SOFT-AIR midsole offers serious cushioning and comfort arch support and removable insole.”

Versatile cushioning and adjustable design for maxim comfort .


Penny Loafer

“Our Latex foam midsole absorbs shock from walking. The loafer conforms to the foot for a customized feel. Siped rubber outsole increases traction and expels water. Anatomically designed fit for proper heel and arch support.”

how to take care of your feet - Classic leather styling designed with comfortable supportive footbed.


Flip Flop

“Soft Air midsole means flexible support. Built-in shock absorber to reduce fatigue. Arch support.”

Shock absorbing sole and leather uppers for summer comfort.



Rally Sneaker

“GrandFøam cushioning, GrandOS Energy Foam and an OrthoLite® footbed for superior comfort.”

how to take care of your feet - Cushioned footbed and laces give comfort when walking for playing.


“The footbed provides anatomically engineered cushioning and support for all-day comfort.”  

WingTip Derby

Classic brogued leather derby anatomically engineered for comfort.


Compete Running

“Breathable mesh wraps the stretchy sock upper for comfort. It’s both flexible and ventilated. Shock-absorbing GrandFoam transforms every landing into propulsive forward movement.  Cushioned, contoured arch support springy energy return.” 

Shock absorbing, foot contouring, arch support and more for distance running.


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