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Best Compact Reading Glasses


Let’s face it… once you start incorporating reading glasses into your lifestyle, there’s no turning back. Menu’s, texting, shopping, the newspaper are all more fun when you can see. Instead of reaching for your bulky dime store readers, check out these fashionable, high quality & downright cool pocket reading glasses!


Best Compact Reading Glasses

By Jaunty Staff


Unisex pocket readers, like Thin Optics reading glasses, Nooz, & Clic are all super compact, full function glasses. Each discretely slips into your pocket or wallet (or attaches to your phone) without the bulky case.

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I’ve been using Thin Optics and Nooz for about a year now. They generate a lot of conversation among friends; when’s the last time someone asked to try your readers simply because they’re cool? 🙂

They are also quite comfortable when reading for extended periods of time. For example, I use Thin Optics Front Page Computer glasses to reduce blue light eye strain when I’m online or reading my iPad.

With Summer around the corner we’ve also included Thin Optic’s compact Sunglasses. Same high quality, eye catching design and convenient portability!

Small enough to keep these sunglasses close by whenever needed.



Thin Optics

The absolute thinnest readers and case around!

World's thinnest and lightest full frame unisex reader glasses.

Thin Optics points out that their readers weigh less than two sheets of paper. The clean and easy way these readers fold up into the aluminum case is nothing short of remarkable. Easily slip them into your pocket or wallet. Thin Optics glasses use the same material found in high end prescription glasses & created by one the the largest optical lens manufacturers in the world




Minimalist, Armless, comfort & only 14 mm thick

Unisex Pocket readers - oval readers in black with black case.

Designed by ophthalmologists in France & certified medical devices, Nooz has  created perfectly light, functional, on the go readers for the nomad in all of us. The high quality lens and ultra compact design are perfect for an active, yet artful lifestyle.

Pocket readers. compact and chic



Clic Magnetic Readers

Classic around the neck with magnetic twist

Front connecting magnet readers you'll never lose.

With their front magnetic connection & continuous temples, Clic puts a modern twist on old school, around the neck readers. The eye pieces separate in front for easy on-off. Plus, your chances of misplacing your readers goes way down! Clic comes with high quality lenses or you can easily replace with your prescription lenses.




Fully Customizable readers for precise lens design

fully customizable lenses from Readers.com

If your readers need to be different strength lenses for each or fully magnified lenses, our friends at Readers.com can set you up. Readers.com is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and offers a wide variety of styles to select from.



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Check out all compact readers & sunglasses – Our Lifestyle Shop