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How to choose reading glasses…. Attractive, Convenient & the right strength!


Sprinkling cheap drug store readers around the house, in the hopes that you’ll use them?

Forgot to grab your readers for the restaurant? Now your straight arming the menu?

Wearing your grandma’s readers on your 5 star beach vacation instead of attractive reading glasses?


By – Jaunty Staff Member… who often squints at menus


Let’s explore conversation worthy readers that fit your lifestyle

First, a few helpful  terms…

Presbyopia (the culprit)

The term might be unfamiliar but, if your over 40 years old and you hold your menu further away from your face than you used to, you’ve arrived. In addition to the wisdom gained with aging, the ability to see things clearly, up close, heads in the opposite direction. Although the wisdom clearly outweighs the inconvenience,  good readers are more of a staple item nowadays.

Diopter – find the right strength reading glasses

When shopping for readers, strength is measured in units called diopters. Ranging from 1.00 (least strength) on up to the strongest, at 4.00 (in .25 increments) most adults fall somewhere on this spectrum. Many of the manufacturers we’re recommending today provide convenient diopter tests on their site, so you can pick out the right strength reading glasses that suit you. If you have eyes that are of unequal vision strength or have more specific vision needs, a trip to the eye doctor would be best, prior to selecting your readers.

Blue Light emissions (screen time junkie?)

During the day, the blue wavelengths found in sunlight help wake us up, boost our mood, set our circadian rhythm for sleep and are considered beneficial to our well being. Computers, smart phones & Ipads also emit blue light and, as many of us tend to linger for significant stretches of time on these devices, blue light starts to have the opposite effect, especially where our eyes are concerned.


Nooz Optics for Portability & Style…


Model wearing Nooz optics reading glasses


I’ve been a faithful user of Nooz optics readers for a couple years. These unisex readers come encased, offering multiple colors & styles.  Slip a pair into you pocket, or attach to your smartphone or key ring. Take the Nooz diopter test, pick your style and your all set. And, at $20, treat yourself to a few styles or accessories! In terms of quality: “Products designed by ophthalmologists in France. Certified medical devices” -Nooz 


Thin optics – light, portable, perfect for logging screen time

Thin Optics reading glasses in blue

Thin optics  offers the lightest, thinnest readers on the market. These unisex attractive reading glasses come with Easy to carry Thin Optics glassescredit card sized cases, which the glasses neatly flex into. Toss in to your pocket, or any size bag. Plenty of colors and styles to choose from, starting below $20

As to Thin Optics quality: “The optical grade polycarbonate used in ThinOptics™ reading glasses is the same material that is regularly found in high end Prescription Eyeglasses. Our lenses are made by one of the largest and most advanced optical lens manufacturers in the world.” – Thin Optics


Thin Optics Milano computer reading glassesBetween my laptop, smartphone & Ipad, I log a substantial amount of screen time. These milano computer readers use a yellow filter to block harmful blue light emitted from LED screens. These light, portable lenses, complete with thin case, are perfect from those of us tied to our screens.


Eye Bobs – Style, Sunny days,Beach Bound, cool traditional

Eye Bobs Sun glasses readers





Eyebobs  offer a wide selection of eye catching attractive reading glasses for Men & Women, including reader sunglasses, blue light blocking readers for screen time and massive selection of more traditional reader frames, that are anything but ordinary! Find your function & fit and style. A 100% satisfaction guarantee with free returns makes online shopping easy.

Eye Bobs attractive readersEye Bobs reading glassesSo the next time you reach for your readers, elevate your game with attractive, interesting and lifestyle ready readers! A few more brands we like are listed on the shop page…