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Tesla Dog Mode – Smart Pet Comfort & Safety


We recently found a great feature on our Tesla. It’s called Tesla Dog Mode. It was introduced in a software update back in 2019.

Dog mode enables Tesla owners to safely leave their pet in the vehicle, while they run into the store.

Dog mode controls the cars internal temp while running errands. This allows the owner to keep the car locked up & the temperature just right inside. Dog mode will heat the car in Winter and cool it in Summer. And, should the car’s batteries reach 20% of capacity, the car will alert your cell phone, through the Tesla app. 

We’re proud new parents of Khaleesi, a 3 month old Bernedoodle.  We want Khaleesi to accompany us as often as she can. She needs to be secure and comfortable on our outings.  Flipping on Tesla Dog mode and locking the car up is great for peace of mind.  15 minutes in the store is no longer a big deal!


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The cars center console also quells the concerns of any passer-by.  While the dog is locked in a car, the large center screen proudly displays the message:

Tesla Dog Mode

Well done Elon Musk!  All Tesla model cars have this feature. 

I haven’t come across any additional car companies offering this feature as of this writing. I’m not suggesting you switch cars to accommodate your dog. But, if you’re in the market for a car & a dog owner… it certainly worth a look.

 Since every car manufacturer is coming out with electric vehicles. I bet you’ll see this feature rolled out across several cars in the near future!


The Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat

Booster Dog car seat

Khaleesi’s new bucket booster seat turned out to be a big hit. The Bucket Booster seat is secured to the car seat with a seat belt (much like a baby seat). Inside the seat are two adjustable straps that attach to up to two dogs collars. The high seat sides and collar straps keep your dog safe & secure when underway, while offering a “wind in my face” view out the window.

Tesla Dog Mode & a new seat


New Car seat
Khaleesi loving the view her car seat gives her!!!