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New WeatherTech Gear makes Life a little more Convenient


3 Min Read – Today, a tip of the hat to the engineers at WeatherTech. It’s easy to associate WeatherTech primarily with car floor liners. Clearly, I wasn’t paying close attention. WeatherTech has released some really clever, niche products. The new WeatherTech Gear makes life a little more convenient.  While they may not fall into the sexy holiday gift category, the following products address life’s little problems & pay for themselves in short order.


WeatherTech CupFone Holder with Sanitizer




Still stuffing your phone in your car’s cup holder?  WeatherTech’s CupFone holder snugly sits in your car’s cup holder. There are multiple adjustments to insure a perfect fit. Your cell slides neatly into the adjustable sleeve, with  ample room at the bottom to plug in the charger. The extended arm and adjustable angles make it easy to see your phone while underway. The holder protects your phone, while making the drive safer.


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The Purell Holster Attachment

Using hand sanitizer will be part of the new normal, going forward.  Post COVID, keeping your hands germ free will still be fashionable. WeatherTech’s holster accessory is designed to be incorporated into the phone holder.  A convenient spritz of purell after a trip to the store or road trip is within easy reach. The cup holder with Purell Holster comes with 2 starter bottles of Purell. Not a Purell Fan?  After you’ve used up the Purell, just refill the bottle with your favorite brand of hand sanitizer.


Under SinkMat

WeatherTech gear makes life a little more convenient

Yes, it’s hard to get hot & bothered about under sink mats. But these minions of the under sink protect your cabinets from stains, water damage and musty odors; which is really attractive in its own way!  They’re perfect for under the kitchen & bathroom sinks. Clever grids already drawn on the SinkMats make them easily customizable, for the correct fit. Periodically pull the mats out, rinse them off, put them back to work.


Foldable PetRamp

WeatherTech gear makes life a little more convenient

When our beloved pup, Frazier, was in his senior years, sticking his big old snout out the window & catching the breeze were easily some of his top pastimes.  Unfortunately, jumping in and out of the car became increasingly difficult for him. That made it incumbent on us to hoist 100lbs of White Golden,  in and out of the car.  Sadly, we didn’t know about the foldable ramp. Certainly would have bought one rather than squat pressing Frazier, twice each trip! Holds up to 300 lbs. If your pup exceeds that, consider a reduction in kibble.


The Christmas Tree Mat

35 inch mat to protect your floor.
The 35” rubberized disk protects your floor from scratches, water & tree debris while you enjoy your Christmas tree. Tree stands & water simply aren’t floor friendly and the Tree Mat is a easy way to keep your floor beautiful. Fold it up on New Year’s & it’s ready to go next Christmas.


It’s the Little Things

While these items might not top anyone’s holiday gift list, they do provide immediate value. WeatherTech gear makes life a little more convenient. And, sometimes it’s the little refinements to everyday routines that subtly provide remarkable satisfaction.


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