White noise to sleep & What is pink noise?
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Best Solutions for Better Zzzz’s, White Noise for Sleep & What is Pink Noise?



Today we look at white noise for sleep, what is Pink Noise & why blocking out noise in general makes for better sleep.

Let’s be honest… A good night’s sleep ranks right up there with a gourmet meal, great sex or winning the Nobel Prize! Hyperbole? Maybe… but waking up refreshed and well rested does set the tone for your entire day.

Unfortunately, 35% of adults either don’t get enough sleep or view the quality of their sleep as poor.  With stress, noisy neighbors, a snoring partner and advancing age all competing for your precious Zzzzz’s, a more strategic approach is in order!

Far worse, studies point to sleep deprivation leading to a whole host of ailments we’d rather avoid, including:

  • Irritability
  • Memory & Concentration issues
  • Heart disease
  • Weight gain
  • Weakening your Immune system
  • Shortened life Span
  • General safety – turns out we’re clumsy & accident prone when tired



Sleep Strategies

First, if you sometimes find a good night sleep elusive, adhere to these “best sleep” suggestions before introducing the sleep aids we recommend below.

  • Avoid consuming caffeine late in the day
    • Caffeine stays in the bloodstream for 6-8 hours
  • Get daily sun shine or bright light during the day
    • Time in the Sun keeps your circadian rhythm healthy
    • Sun provides daytime energy & dark signals bedtime
  • Quick “power Naps” – good, long naps – throws off sleep patterns
  • Be consistent with daily sleep & wake times
    • Maintains healthy circadian rhythm
    • Helps your body regulate melatonin
  • Limit or chill on the Alcohol
    • Alcohol promotes sleep apnea, snoring, disrupted sleep
    • Reduces body’s ability to produce melatonin & HGH (human growth hormone), disrupting sleep
  • Optimize your sleep environment
    • Cut out as much light & noise as possible
    • Keep the room cool… around 70 degrees
  • Get regular, daily exercise
    • Helps you fall asleep faster & sleep longer
    • Avoid exercise right before bed as it tends to stimulate
  • Put the smart phone & computer down
    • Blue light stimulates the brain, reducing melatonin production
    • Set tablets or phones to dark mode or low light if your reading



Consider Natural Supplements?

Part of your sleep regimen should include natural, well studied, non-habit forming supplements.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Melatonin – vital to sleep & we produce less as we age
Magnesium – improves relaxation & sleep quality
Valerian root – aids in falling asleep & sleep quality


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White Noise for Sleep

Rather than the absence of noise to stay sleep, white noise works on the opposite principle. By providing a full spectrum of sound, equally distributed across all frequencies, your sleep isn’t disrupted by any one sound.

When you’re startled awake at night by a noisy neighbor, it’s not so much the sound as CHANGE in sound that awakens you.  Since white noise delivers a consistent flow of all sound on all frequencies, it masks the random loud sounds at night, allowing you to continue sleeping.

You’ve already been exposed to white noise:

  • Oscillating fans
  • Television static/snow – remember that?
  • Hissing radiators
  • Humming air conditioner


White noise for sleep With ten fan sounds, ten white, pink and brown noise variations, and two varieties of ocean sounds.


White noise is often recommended for occasional sleeplessness or insomnia. While many studies point to its effectiveness, white noise (or pink noise for that matter) can be something you come to rely upon. It might make sense to use white noise devices for bouts of sleeplessness, noisy nights in the neighborhood etc… rather than every night.

14 soothing sounds to help adults or babies fall asleep.



What is  Pink Noise?

Pink Noise for sleep…

Pink Noise works on a similar principle to white noise, using sound frequencies to mask other sounds. Unlike white noise, which distributes sound across all frequencies, Pink noise is more intense at lower frequencies, creating a deeper tone sound. To our ears, pink noise is more flat and even toned.

What is pink noise -Continuous sound all night long, or set the timer to gently turn off after 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

You’ve already heard lots of Pink Noise as well:

  • Leaves rustling in the wind
  • A steady rain
  • Wind blowing
  • A heartbeat

A few studies suggest improved memory benefits with Pink Noise. Pink Noise & white noise might provide memory benefits simply because you’re getting a deeper nights sleep.

White noise for sleep - Natural Soothing Sounds and Memory Function 32 Levels of Volume.

There are additional sound hues, like brown noise, that we won’t cover today. The best sound color to help you sleep may come down to personal preference. Several of the products in this article offer white, pink & brown noise. Many also include nature sounds that fall into the same range of noise frequencies. You can experiment & decide which works best for you.

*** There’s also smaller, portable models for travel!***


11 high-quality sound options, this sound machine can be used either to induce sleep or to help you concentrate when your environment isn’t conducive.



Comfy Ear Plugs to Lower the Decibels


Waterproof Noise Reduction Earplugs for Sleeping, Swimming, Snoring, Concerts, 32dB Highest NRR, 3 Pairs with Bonus Travel Pouch.

Let’s not underestimate the absence of sound as an effective sleep aid. There are multiple comfortable, reusable ear plugs on the market that do a great job of masking sound. Ear plugs simply reduce the decibel level around you, so your sleep isn’t disrupted; a low tech, inexpensive method worth exploring.

Moldable sound blocking reusable ear plugs with highest NRR.


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Ear Protection from Flight Air and Noise Sound.



White Noise, Pink Noise for Sleep, Supplements, Ear Plugs…find the best options for you

Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep!  With practical sleep guidelines, white/pink noise, supplements or classic ear plugs, much needed rest is within reach! As always, having a chat with your doctor is a good idea if you’re not getting the sleep results you want.